The war in Syria becomes increasingly religious.  Out of personal experience and sympathy for the country and its people I have written a few articles, which predicted that.  Should the Assad regime drop, religious minorities have to fear worst. The UN Special Adviser on the prevention of genocide, Adama Dieng, already warns of a genocide. Christians and Alawites in Syria fight side by side against radical Islamists, mostly Al Qaeda followers, which will be introduced from abroad to Syria.The image of a people which fights against foreign armed rebels, who want to spread violence and public executions of fear and terror among the Syrians and intimidate them remains hidden in the unenlightened Western Syria reporting. Secret services emphasized that jihad and terrorist groups, particularly the Al Eduardo front, which is classified by the United States as a terrorist organization, gain more and more influence in the Syrian opposition.
“Christians out of Syria, Alawites in the coffin”, so it resonates in the Syrian streets everywhere where the Islamist opposition is. The fundamentalists, who make up a large part of the Syrian opposition, have a clear vision not only the downfall of Assad, but also murdering minorities and expulsion of Christians. It seems my warnings of a genocide becomes gruesome reality. What threatens Christians and other minorities in Syria, is even worse than the “Arab spring” in Egypt, Libya or Tunisia: it goes to the very survival of religious minorities,
The rebellion of hundreds of thousands of Sunnis against Assad that began in March 2011 has not seen Christians abandon their support for the Alawites, the Muslim sect to which Assad belongs and that has controlled Syria for decades. Christians have largely remained quiet as Assad’s forces pummeled rebel cities and towns with artillery, killing close to 10,000 people, according to the United Nations. Many of Syria’s Christians continue to stand by the regime not out of support for Assad but out of fear of civil war if rebels gain strength, or worse, if they win and install an Islamist government hostile to religious minorities.Qatana, a town 20 miles southwest of Damascus, is home to a Christian community of several hundred families. Protests here against the Assad regime have prompted military incursions and clashes between renegade soldiers and the regular army. At checkpoints surrounding the town, some Christians chat to Alawite security officers. Others offer water and whiskey. Christians firmly believe that the Alawite regime will keep them safe.
It is irresponsible to provide weapons to the Syrian opposition, as this suggest French President Hollande and UK Prime Minister Cameron in such a situation. Obama says he does not stand in the way (he never does, when the EU fools do what fools usually do), its not in his job description. With all my criticism of Obama, he is a smart and cautious isolationist. It would be more important now with Russia on all warring parties to exert pressure, so that all those involved in  immediate negotiations. Massacres of Alawites are not isolated incidents. For this minority, it is no longer possible to live, where the rebels dominate, they flee in order not to be killed in zones. And in “liberated areas” Sharia courts are introduced first.The Catholic Diocese of Aleppo warn of escalating violence against Christians. The call for dialogue of all warring factions in Syria is unheard, but mostly the rebels refuse talks. Even Muslim dignitaries reject all forms of violence.
The events are too dramatic to talk of irony of fate. But parts of the rebels in Syria belong to the Salafist (Wahhabi) groups that are fighting in Mpic_1971_Syria-Damascusli by France. Islamist armed groups, supported by dictatorial regimes such as Saudi Arabia and Qatar, invade uninvited in countries, where they are fighting secular, moderate and mystical currents of Islam, as well as other denominational groups, without regard to human or cultural losses. Remove everything that is running them on the way. Alawite, Shia and other moderate currents of Islam are regarded by Islamists and countries such as Saudi Arabia as a heretic and as un-Islamic. A US and EU foreign policy, which glorified the rebels as “Freedom fighters” in Syria, and fighting the same fighter with the same methods and objectives, also in different sociopolitical conditions in Mali as terrorists is downright bizarre.
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CNN is not a very sensible network anymore. But the Assad interview is quite telling. If Western media wants to convince people what a “criminal” Assad is, it needs to reach a little deeper into the heart of the problem and explain carefully why the fall of Assad would be any improvement at all. I doubt many in the West  are fans of Assad, but even fewer are certain his ouster will be much, if any, improvement.  Quite the opposite, Assad makes sense: “The only red line is about foreign intervention,” he said. “Any dialogue should include only Syrians. It should not include foreign intervention. We have no other red lines from this. Syrians can talk about and discuss anything. This country is for all Syrians, and they can bring all things to the table.”

 This war of Syria “activists” looking more and more and more like Al Qaeda  is and was a CIA invention and we know it – we see it. Libya was a disaster. the western money system is not sustainable and the global system becomes desperate and stealing resources and strategic access areas.  ” Erdogan has not said a single word of truth since the beginning of the crisis in Syria,” Assad said about the Turkish president, this is one time that I believe that Assad is telling the truth. If Syria falls under un new Ottoman (Turkish) empire it will be a dangerous situation. Assad has a way out, by letting the Druze or the Christians come to power, with a commitment to protect the Alawites, and distance themselves from Iran, that will force the West to back away from the rebels, I just don’t know if it’s not to late for that, but what choice does he have? Not any, this is the only way out.  The critical ones, however, are the Kurds in Syria. The Syria Kurds have been hedging their bets, but the oil resides where the Iraqi Kurds have their now semi-autonomous territory. Difficult to blame them, in the Ottoman empire all Kurds “enjoyed” a similar autonomy, and the list of Western broken promises (and flip-flops to the Kurds (and Armenians) is long. It is clear that bot the Turkish Kurds (PKK) and Erdogan play right now the Ottoman card.