Consulting for Sourcing Projects

1-06/2-07 Method Coach and to coordinate, consolidate, and implement a consistent mandatory method based on a standardized Service Catalogue for Shared Services and Global Operation.Developing Transition and Transformation Blueprints; Support rollout of method in 26 countries and global and various regional operating companies; Moderate conflicting goals and build (or enforce) consistency over all blueprints and streams
4-05/5-05 Contract Manager Single Source Bid reviewing Service and Process Definition of Shared Services delivering Personal Services for 180 000 employees.Review of existing Service Catalogue.
3-05/5-05 Commercial Manager Single Source Bid reviewing and defining, Contracts, Services and Processes of Shared Services delivering Application Services
3-03-05/07-04 Due Diligence for M&A of an IT Service Provider delivering Datacenter Outsourcing Services and Application Services for 400 MEuro a year 11-99/1-00 Due Diligence, Proposal Management, contracting, coaching transformation and transition of an internal IT Cost Center to an external Service Provider delivering Outsourcing Services 20 MEuro a year.
06-02/08-02 Requirement Definition MoU, coaching transformation and transition of an internal IT Cost Center to external Service Provider delivering Outsourcing Services including Application Management 18 MEuro a year.
6-99/11-99 Business development in Switzerland and Asia for outsourcing Application Service Providing in the telecommunication, utility and banking industry
7-01/5-02 Managed 12/15 Siemens Consultants in a multi-vendor team to define the solution and the business, process and technology model for an EAI Solution provided via ASP. Subsequent bid management for the 10 / 56 MCHF bid
  • Outsourcing Consulting + 5 Years
  • Due Diligence, Service Design, Contacting and Commercial engineering
  • Organization: up to 4 Managed Consultants

Business and Strategic IT Consulting

Strategic IT consulting (Excerpt)
Migration, E-Business, transactional Client/Server application, ERP (Oracle and R/3) and CRM, MOM, VoIP-Technology. The projects were in public administrations and governments (Police Norway, Police Bavaria, Ministry of Finance)
Security consulting in Banking (Full/Retail Banking DE, CH, TH) & insurance’s ( Gerling,DEVK,H-Rück) transport services (international railroad, package carrier), telecommunication (mobile carrier e.g. Maxmobil), utilities (energy e.g. EVN, Hong Kong Electric) and industry (automotive, manufacturing e.g. Volkswagen) and pharmaceutical.
KPI Definition, Shared Service Catalogue and Activity Based Costing Analysis for Portal Service Provider
ITIL Process Definition and Rollout for International Application Management Provider (EMEA, AA) delivering shared Services
Definition of a company wide data model (ERM and UML) from tender to realization including program, project and risk management.
Analyzed market and marketing & sales activities and provided business plans and base lining presentation
  • IT Consulting +11 Years
  • Strategic IT Consulting,
  • Organization: up to 6 Managed Consultants

Coaching and Training

Consulting and pre/after-sales support for an IT project (banking application) in Asia (Bangkok/Thailand).Trained customer employees and external consultants on-site.Supported application rollout, coached management and service.
Design and execution of an International Consulting Orientation Seminar (IOCS) (KL Malaysia, Asia).
  • International Training + 5 Years
  • Design an Implementation of training materials
  • Planning and Execution Globally

Process Consulting

7-03/1-04 BPR and Data Modeling for “Integrated Sourcing, Program and Project Management“ consolidation and optimization of cooperate finance for major transport provider in Switzerland
0-04/1-05 BPR and Data Modeling for „Störungsmanagement“ (Incident Management and Problem Management) for major transport provider in Switzerland
12-97/11-98 Coach and Consultant for process ­analysis and process design. Project assessed process using CMM and re-engineered all ”idea to product” processes of a discrete industry business unit.

12-97/11-98  Design and moderation of workshops Coaching of up to 6 action teams with up to 75 team members. Three similar projects on a smaller scale in Pharma-Industry, State Police, German Tax Collecting Office.

  • Prozess Consulting +5 Years
  • ITIL, Process Optimization, Data Modeling
  • Organization: up to 75 Managed Consultants

Security Consulting

7-04/7-08 Roll out of BS 7799 Information Security Management System (ISMS) for Daimler Chrysler (ISO Organization, Risk Management, Reporting, Compliance Checks) Development of Information Asset Classification Method
5-99 & 9-00 Security Assessmentand development of Security architecture for Hong Kong Electric
  • Consulting +5 Years
  • ITIL, SOA, BS7799, ITSM

Assessment and Audits

1-05/7-05 and ongoing Coach for Sarbanes Oxley Act Top-Down approach (risk identification process / account matrix) for various KAT1 subsidiaries;Annex 2 quality management and coaching; IT control quality management in 3 international projects
01-03/-09-03 Interim Emergency Project Manager Auditor and Coach for audits and Risk Management. The audit was on behalf of the largest Swiss Transport Provider to assess the performance and stability of a migration a for 13’200 user of 700 applications including infrastructure regarding end-to-end quality. Managing resources from various involved parties and coordinated project with system provider (outsourcer).
11-98/2-99  Independent auditor for strategic DC IT-project to design, build and manage the world wide rollout of the strategic messaging and workflow/workgroup platform including directory services and PKI infrastructure (300 Million DM).
2-99/6-99 Subsequent assigned as Integration manager and coach responsible   for the integration, technical controlling and QMS for strategic DC IT project


  • Consulting +5 Years
  • Audits, Benchmarks, Assessments