The winners  for the 85th Academy Awards have been announced, and as ever, there are few true surprises. Spielberg’s “Lincoln” is a well deserved looser. Quentin Tarantino’s (the violent enfant terrible) got with  Django Unchained just indirectly credit for the Supporting Role. Amour is good movie, probably the only art movie. Otherwise only save Hollywood choices. “Zero Dark Thirty”  is on the first glance a strange choice. I have not seen this movie, but maybe will. It is certainly not in the tradition of  Full Metal Jacket, Platoon and Apocalypse Now. Her movies are mainstream and an explicitly formulated anti-war message finds was never found in her movies. Her 2001 revenge message safe in the  “Bin-Laden-hunt fashion”, plays good for the Democrats and Republicans, together with a woman leading role. It also attempts to meet the demands of liberal moralists and right-wing realists by confronting with a certain ambivalence the use of torture in the so-called “war on terror”. A good example was the Oscar lending in 2010. At that time highly traded favorite was Avatar, however, there were apparently too many parallels between the failed Americans in the film and the soldiers in Iraq. So “Hurt Locker” got it.  Argo, the Jimmy Cater disaster of the “Armageddon” Actor and Director and seems to ride on the commando wave too.  Argo is a story of a CIA scheme to recruit Hollywood professionals to assist in a scheme to rescue US diplomats from Iran in 1980. Both films help to rehabilitate the tarnished reputation of the US  and are invitations to take pride in national achievement.  Argo is good entertainment. Zero Dark Thirty is propadaganda and focuses on the power woman who buries her feminine instincts and acts like a man. Life Of Pi, sounds useless, also a save choice. I will continue to avoid this director.So it came down to a horse race between an Abraham Lincoln bio-pic and a reality-based drama on the rescue that ended the 1979-’81 Iranian hostage crisis.   Ben Affleck’s Argo, Steven Spielberg’s Lincoln, Quentin Tarantino’s Django Unchained and Kathryn Bigelow’s Zero Dark Thirty – seem to be in broad and narrow ways, political – and flawed. Hollywood has never been ready to deal in a forthright way with crucial current issues. Thas fine.The 2013 Oscars field doesn’t look like as one of the better years for movies…. LA is not Cannes.