I like the Auer Dult, a traditional annual market in Munich better than the Oktoberfest. Especially on a beautiful Sunday like this weekend. As the name indicates, the market place located at Mariahilfplatz in the Munich district of Au and taking place three times per year. The weather was good, so I rode a bike and spent moste of the time browsing for books and antiques.

The day before I took a bike ride around my neighbourhood – three churches two castles. Soon there will be Allerseelen, a Church holiday each year on November 2. One remembers the dead and prays for the dead of last year on the cemetery for the resurrection of all dead and for eternal life. Before the grave will be prepared with plants for the Winter time and special decorated.

The first fair of the year, the so-called Maidult (May fair) is held in the first weekend of the month. The Jakobidult takes place in July and the Kirchweihdult occurs in the week of – you guessed it Kirchweih. Each one lasts nine days. The market is considered to be the largest crockery market in Europe. Pots, porcelain and other ceramic wares are available at numerous Standl (stands). In addition, other household accessories, natural healing remedies and clothes are available. Many stands also offer antique, antique and secondhand books and commodities. Around three hundred traders and showmen take part in the Auer Dult, which is not only a market but also a folk festival with (almost) antique fairground rides, like a child’s roundabout, a swing boat, a horse riding track, dodges and shooting galleries. There is Bavarian food – very good the fish (!) and a beer tent. The Auer Dult is much more discreet and calm for the Munich people before and after the tourist are gone.