Congratulations for your courageous coverage of the Global War on Christians in the most recent issue of Newsweek. As European, who travels extensively, it could be even argued that Christian have “lost the protection of their societies” – worldwide.

Ayaan Hirsi Ali correctly pointed out excellently the background and reasons of the imbalance between muted (media) responses to genocide, which should raise global alarm and the overblown tales of Western “Islamophobia”.

I take issue, however, on the terms “Islamophobia” and Christophobia.
“Islamophobia” suggest, any criticism originates from “infected” and their arguments ought to be ignored. Neither do I agree that those who systematic slaughter innocents have a mild mental disposition of “Christophobia”. In a war, the truth is the first victim; both terms are deliberately coined and misused to spin and distort the reality, by exactly the mentioned lobby.