Damascus 4/14/2018.

Damascus – beautiful city. Lived their almost a full summer long time ago. Bombing Damacus. Makes me sick. In 1971 I travelled with two friends extensively in the Middle East, in particular Lebanon and Syria. I was very worried about Syria 2011 when suddenly the events escalated. The turned out exactly as I predicted. And now this tragic night again. I remember going up Mount Qasiou the mountain overlooking the city of Damascus, from which the whole city can be viewed. I watch the pictures, a city light up by missiles and intercepting rockets.

This foolish air strikes will only cause further destabilization of the Syrian state, ME and Europe and empower the jihadist terrorists.
I condemn and denounce the aggression that took place in April against the people and the country #Syria by the US, France and the UK. So much of the Middle East has been reduced to rubble: Iraq , Syria , Yemen , Libya.

Two years before the Yom Kippur War the busy Liberation Square in Damascus. The city is one of the oldest inhabited places in the world, but now it is also a very modern city.

Some Syrian contacts I spoke with 2012, called for reforms but not for ousting Assad. Minorities, but even Sunnis, were weary what would come after Assad. There is much evidence that some “demonstrators” were armed from the very beginning. There were, of course, some true demonstrators. There were mistakes. However, the staged “Civil War” was quite simple.

The integration of Syria into the world economy stopped. Erdogan brought radical terrorists across the Syrian-Turkish border. Radical Salafists from Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and Turkey, as well as Jordan and heavy weapons,  flooded the country. Later Al Nusra and ISIS devastated the country and created large areas with a bloody theocracy,  often with Western weapons.

The  Western reports and media have made so many mistakes that one
could immediately notice what is going on, for the last seven years and today, Cheerleaders of regime change and bombing.


Syrians wave the national flag and wave portraits of President Bashar al-Assad as they gather at the Umayyad Square in Damascus on April 14, 2018, to condemn the strikes carried out by the United States, Britain and France against the Syrian regime. (LOUAI BESHARA / AFP/GETTY IMAGES

Without any doubt, Assad became an authoritarian leader. But he also won the struggle and large areas of Syria are now liberated. When the  Syrian Army took the last rebel-held district of East Ghouta, ends six-year battle, that called for more air strikes of the West. Thanks to Mattis, this time the US kept it to a minimum. A largely symbolic strike to distract from Western failures and to calm the warmongers. What is the real reason behind the US – UK – France’s attack? Is it the claim of the alleged“chemical attack” on Duma? Why not wait for the OPFW result then?


Well done Mr. Mattis. Sorting things out around 100- intercepted; Narcissism and distraction from political failures was what this token attack on Syria (with sort pre-warning) achieved. However comes with a price. Credibility.

Immediately after the attack, hundreds of residents gathered in Damascus’ landmark Omayyad square, celebrating what they said was the army’s success in shooting down or derailing some of the missiles.

Israel has largely tried to stay on the sidelines, but has recently acknowledged carrying out over 100 airstrikes over the past seven years against Syria. On May 10th, Israel has stepped up its activities. A total of 28 Israeli F-15, F-16 jets participated in strikes on Syria firing nearly 60 rockets at various targets. A Syrian-Israeli  and maybe Israeli-Iran shooting war has began, for which Israel clearly got a nod from US and Russia. The Strike was the largest since the Yom Kippur War, fought by a coalition of Arab states led by Egypt and Syria against Israel from October 6 to 25, 1973 in the Sinai and the Golan Heights,

Thursday’s flare-up came hours after Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu returned from a visit to Moscow, where he discussed Syria concerns with Russian President Vladimir Putin.  Israel forewarned Russia of its strikes on Thursday.

Syria said May, 8th 2018 that Israel carried out an attack on a military base south of Damascus. According to reports, Israeli fighter jets indeed entered Syrian airspace and struck targets.  The Israeli military said it identified what it said was unusual movements of Iranian forces in Syria, and it believed those forces were preparing for an imminent retaliation against Israel.

Images show Israeli artillery deployed missiles towards Syrian military targets, on the Golan Heights, next to the Israeli-Syrian border Source EPA