I am in the early trial stage of a small obsy, a Remote Observatory over USB on top of an nearby garage. I have a mount on an existing platform with power, which I want to control from my office room about 15m from the my little town house – using a powered hub and just one USB cable run to the warm room. It works really well with an usb booster type extension cable…. it has a signal boosting amp built into the middle between mall and female end.

Over the USB runs telescope control and the Atik CCD Infinity with life stacking.


The end configuration will be:

  • Skywatcher Mount AZ-EQ-6 SynScan GoTo with Payload Capacity: 25kg controlled over Serial to USB by Card de Ciel
  • Main Telescope with an Canon D60a DSLR controlled by BackYard EOS on
    • either Orion UK Carbon Newtonian – 203mm f/6 with 2″ Reducer Corrector 0.73x (876mm/f4.3)
    • or Newtonian  – 203mm f/4 with 2″ Reducer Corrector 0.73x (876mm/f2.9)
    • or TS APO  – 130 mm f/7 900 mm with 2″ Reducer 0.6x (560 mm/f5.6)
  • Piggyback APO TMB 80mm/f7.5  with Atik CCD Infinity for life stacking or autoguiding
  • LogiLink UA0145 USB 2.0 Active Repeater cabel 15m
20160318_M51- 505x30sec-streifen

20160318_M51- 505x30sec-streifen

Obviously there ist outdoor work to set up, but after that I watch my mount from my office window second low. I am in a white zone but for training and regular astrophotography this should do. First tests prove it works fine. One example here of a screen shot right out of the Infinity application. Something flew through M51.

Here is a picture after some rework.