I am in the early trial stage of a small obsy, a Remote Observatory over USB on top of an nearby garage. I have a mount on an existing platform with power, which I want to control from my office room about 15m from the my little town house. I wanted to control the setup – using a powered hub and just one USB cable run to the warm room. It works really well with an usb booster type extension cable…. it has a signal boosting amp built into the middle  an a mall and female end.


Over the USB runs telescope control and the Atik CCD Infinity with life stacking. The end configuration will be:

  • Skywatcher Mount AZ-EQ-6 SynScan GoTo with Payload Capacity: 25kg controlled over Serial to USB by Card de Ciel
  • Main Telescope with an Canon D60a DSLR controlled by BackYard EOS on
    • either Orion UK Carbon Newtonian – 203mm f/6 with 2″ Reducer Corrector 0.73x (876mm/f4.3)
    • or Newtonian  – 203mm f/4 with 2″ with Reducer Corrector 0.73x (876mm/f2.9)
  • Piggyback APO TMB 80mm/f7.5  with Atik CCD Infinity for life stacking or autoguiding
  • LogiLink UA0145 USB 2.0 Active Repeater cabel 15m
20160318_M51- 505x30sec-streifen

20160318_M51- 505x30sec-streifen

Obviously there ist outdoor work to set up, but after that I watch my mount from my office window second low. I am in a white zone but for training and regular astrophotography this should do. First tests prove it works fine. One example here of a screen shot right out of the Infinity application. Something flew through M51.

Here is a picture after some rework.