Management summary: Spiritual hiking weekend of a catholic tribe howling like wolves. The theme was wolves. Is that the catholic answer pentecostal? It seem it is. Amazing weekend indeed. The wolf in us from an Jungian view: “lupus est homo homini” 1 day ago

Friday: We meet at the monastery in Tirol. Huge building, Habsburg style, lots of foreign art: the monks still own significant land.  Lots of familiar faces.

Saturday: 10 hour hike, mass on a high  mountain meadow.

Sunday: Holy mass on the go.  Start in a base church, walking up to the church on a high cliff, communion in a chapell.  The care taker got everybody a nice spirit from Tirol.

Monday: Mass in the main church.  Biking to Innsbruck

Tuesday: Hiking in the mountain, overnight in cabin.

Wednesday: Hiking in the mountain, going back before the snow comes…