EZB-Umfrage  Deutsche sind die Ärmsten im Euroraum

Deutsche sind die Ärmsten im Euroraum

According to Data of the European central bank (Source Neue Züricher Zeitung), the net property of the German households is lower than in any other Euro-country. The median wealth in Germany country to 51,400 euros – in Cyprus 266,900 euros. The study was held back during the Cyprus Bail Out talks and buried (or largely ignored) by the German newspapers.

For six years statisticians of the European Central Bank (ECB) have prepared data for the new study on the wealth and consumption situation of private households in the eurozone. However, the date of the first publication of the regular survey could be not less unfortunate: calculated after just adopted a baill out package for Cyprus, the data became made public:   the Cypriot median household is the richest of the Monetary Union after the Luxembourg, while the German is the poorest. The aid package for Cyprus bears the brunt – a perversion on the back of German taxpayers.  The report, compiled through a survey of over 60,000 households across the euro zone, shows a dichotomy between (with German taxpayer money) bailed out governments and their rich citizenry. By one ECB measure of typical households, Germany is the poorest country in the euro block, behind even Slovakia and Portugal.

Fear about the political effect of the data starts the usual propaganda and recounting. The experts of the EZB  used the time to whitewash their data and like (as the international press) to see the German wealth in relative terms. One (invalid)  argument is the strong difference of real estate ownership. Countries where many people own a house or a flat the property net wealth is also mostly bigger. Public property does not appear in the statistics about the private property. Sounds like a tautology ,but not like a counter argument? Yes, because it is not one. If you don’t buy this there the next line of defense is: the time of the questioning. Some data were determined in 2010, the PIIGs might be poorer today. Never mindi nterviews  were conducted over 6 years.

Yes, more people have work in Germany. But that is a myth too. Of the 41 million people in employment only 29 millions have a employer-employee relationships with national insurance (2012). The rest are minimum wage and subsidized jobs nobody can live of. Which propaganda machine runs here? Actually the employee in German works in a labor camp longer in years, longer in hours, gets taxed higher for lousy net income and allows the press and government to rejoice and distribute his money? Greetings from George Orwell.

The German Dummy

The German Dummy

Europe’s Poorest? Look North, said Wall Street journal: ECB Survey Puts Southerners on Top in Household Wealth, Germans Near Bottom.  The study was suppressed by most German TV stations (all public state TV) and most newspapers except the business press. Best coverage in Neue Züricher Zeitung, best newspaper in German language, based in Switzerland a democratic country. Yes, it is the one newspaper you may get a PhD degree, if you copy-cat from them (at least true for von Guttenberg).  There odo reasons to give the result of the survey credibility.  I worked im may European and non European countries of this study confirms absolutely my sporadic observation Personal there seems to be  shocking cover-up tactic of  politics and media in place. about  the EUR crisis in the general,

Outside one  serious German newspaper, the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung and German business press, the explosive material had been quickly defused. One cannot read  today hardly anything of  the EZB study. And if yet, just spins which try to whitewash the facts and meaningfulness of the study:. None of  official interpretation in politics and media is sound though., like “data be too old”  because they are partially 2008, before the finance crisis.,  “households are not equally large” and in different countries and their “retirement plans” are not included (simply because it is not asset based) .  So on a closer look, all those arguments  are not valid at all.  The poor German Michel dreams is himself self rich. The result of the EZB wealth study so shaking to their trained emotional intelligence that it the Germans do not want to admit it. Germans get more excited rather about incorrectly declared meat and practices further solidarity with southern Europe (actually northern banks. Besides  Germans have always been the least informed folks in the world. The sentence of one infamous minister still holds true, “one must tell a (tem) lie just often enough, it becomes truth” – and is practiced routinely in todays Germany.  Napoleon said:

“Es gibt kein gutmütigeres, aber auch kein leichtgläubigeres Volk als das Deutsche. Keine Lüge kann grob genug ersonnen werden, die Deutschen glauben sie. Um eine Parole, die man ihnen gab, verfolgen sie ihre Landsleute mit größerer Erbitterung, als ihre wirklichen Feinde.” 

“There are no better-natured, but also no credulouser people than the Germans.  No lie can be coarse enough, the Germans will  believe it. Give them a good slogan, and they pursue their compatriots,   fighting them fiercer than their actual enemies“.  —–  Napoleon.