The world is used to macho images of Vladimir Putin hunting bears, harpooning whales or fly-fishing. A  German TV journalists was recently granted unprecedented hunting  lessons by the Russian prime minister. Vladimir Putin appeared as witty, well-informed and surprisingly likeable man besides checkmating the German.  Putin usually doesn’t think much of journalists. “He has a penchant for conspiracy theories and believes that every journalist can be bought,” says Nikolai Svanidze, a historian and well-known Russian TV journalist. But  to Putin this poor chap Jörg Schönenborn, certainly had only an estimated market value of zero.

I still can remember good old days when journalists were prepared in interviews and politician stuttered. In German “forced pay” television hacks stutter.  For the questioner Jörg Schönenborn – in Germany known as the inventor of the democracy-tax/mandatory TV – the conversation was a nightmare. It was a victory of the Russian intelligentsia– against German official television. The interview of the   German TV with the Russian President Wladimir Putin was designed as  a Stalin type public trial – according to the scheme: the great conversation  before the visit to Germany. It became however an embarrassing lesson for the Chief Editor of WDR (Northern outpost of German State  TV).  Putin did know what he talked about. His arguments were precise and he presented even an exhibit as proof. He even spoke good about the euro, buying some time to move out.

At one point Putin asked: “What is you name” – shortly after “Do you know how ridiculous your question is”.  Jörg Schönenborn, well he looked like  clueless about foreign policy. Putin achieved almost cult status, he could be very well in the next Bond movie – no not as a villain…. From a psychoanalytic way look at the body language.  Jörg Schönenborn was frozen like a deer,  Putin’s feet moved like a predators tail until he “harpooned” the deer with his questions. Calm after the kill. Both.  Jörg Schönenborn did not even understand what happened. Thats why tv is not  free of charge in Germany. Who would pay for such low quality journalism if not enforced  by mandatory tax.

Putin’s criticized the German public medias  hinting that it is the German media which habitually bully the public opinion and paint distorted and biased pictures. Which is of course an understandable statement. And that is all I get for 8 billion euro mandatory fees per year?

Note: Today there were some bare breast attacks on him from female activists in Germany. He made a “bella figura” too. Mr. Merkel was more shocked than him.


Source Yahoo -Associated Press -

Source Yahoo -Associated Press –