The economist makes up with a Send in the clowns  and asks in desperation the Communist  and Mr. Grillo for support to install the G&S wip again:  Italy’s only possible government may be one that, like Mr Monti’s, is backed by both main parties.

 What we witness here is the last kicks of democracy in the EU. The rest was easily predictable although many seem surprised. The Political Oscar goes to Beppe Grillo and Silvio Berlusconi. Congratulations and thank you! With your late work  the Grand Theatre has held a mirror in front of all actors and puppets of Brussels Actor’s Guild.

I continue to read and wonder, wonder about how polarizing or maybe deliberately misleading (?) the headers of many of the leading European newspapers can be. Some of the leading European newspapers seem to have started a disinformation-war on Beppe Grillo and the MoVimento 5 Stelle (Five Star Movement) and the vote of the Italian people in general and do not seem to accept and respect the decision of (so far still) sovereign European countries. Statements like “German-imposed austerity” suggest that it might not continue to be for very much longer but Germany is designed as scape goat for a misguided Euro union and a failed EU policy on behalf of financial investors .

Germany press pursued the “destiny election” in distant Italy with impressive headlines in the format of a local election. Significantly, in addition to any new votes forecast a message about the sentiment was “the markets” judgement published. the CNN interviewed a PD fossil from Brussel. Just as in Italy had not been parties to choose from, but Goldman Sachs versus democracy respective EU empire versus natives in a colony in the Mediterranean.

As a gala performance of broken taboos, the last perversities were mobilized. Of the links to the press. The sorry battleship SPIEGEL and the Editor Mr. Nonnenmacher in the FAZ attacked Italian citizens. The latter boldly accused them of “aggressive” Euro treason. No German fragrances was ever an eyewitness of such propaganda orgy. Unless he belongs to the generation of very old men

Why does it seem to be so difficult for politicians and newspapers of the Western European countries alike to acknowledge the fact that voters are allowed to address first and foremost their own internal problems instead of bothering about the stability of the Euro, and the well-being of the international financial markets? The background and manifesto of the movement of Beppe Grillo which attracted more than 25 % of the Italians, has according to statistic, the largest share of  highly educated voters and representatives.

Apart from this I would like to highlight some of the  real facts:

1) Newspaper: “a quarter of the electorate – a post war record – did not even bother to show up“. The actual turnout in this Italian election was 75%, but only 71% in Germany’s last election and a sensationally low 65& in the UK in 2010.

2)Newspaper:  “almost 30 % endorsed Silvio Berlusconi” and “by contrast, Mario Monti […] got a measly 10 %“. Wrong: the PdL/Berlusconi were endorsed by 21.56% and Mario Monti by 8.30 % (which is even smaller), the coalition led by Berlusconi’s PdL received almost 30 % (29.18 %).  This is not just 0.4 % difference, but an essential difference and makes clear how little the Italian electoral system has been understood by most of the journalists of European newspapers that claim to want to inform their readership. If I may put the result of the Italian election into the “order of strongest party” according to a truly democratic electoral system, you might be surprised: First and strongest party with 25.55% of the Italian votes: MoVimento 5 Stelle led by Beppe Grillo, second party PD led by Bersani with 25.42% and 21.56% for the PdL led by Berlusconi. What the Italians got instead was a “winner” of the elections called Bersani and his centre-left-coalition which can now claim 292 seats in the Chamber of Deputies, almost three times (!) as much as the Movimento 5 Stelle/ Grillo who gets 108 seats with only 0.10 % less votes than the PD/Bersani thanks to a fiercely unfair and undemocratic electoral system, granted manipulated by Berlusconi a few years back to favour his then ruling party.

Strangely enough a Mario Monti did not succeed to address one of the most symptomatic of all of Italy’s problems even with significant firepower of the EZB basically printing 100 Billion Euro and inflating away (German) savings. Maybe because it was not a direct threat to a further destabilization of the Euro and the stock-markets? ergo not to worry about in the first place in the self-deception called “stabilisation of the Italian economy” better to be called “further impoverishment of the Italian (and European) population”. Let’s hope that finally the internal reforms, the Italian population desperately wants and needs, will be tackled and at last implemented, also thanks to the result of this election and the aims of the MoVimento 5 Stelle.

Why would the public vote for people who do not care about the public, who only care about markets, financial institutions, who do not even bother promising anything to the simple citizens? Berlusconi at least promised, and because  he still controls large part of the media, so his revival is also not a surprise. In Germany the media is essentially EU controlled already. People in Brussels and Berlin who do not want to see (and show) reality are surprised, as in their little self-centered bubbles, in the “higher, more important” levels of the society, where only constant growth and profit makes sense they forgot about people actually having some input into decision-making.

Possibly they all wish a more “mature democracy” where people actually have absolutely no choice, everything is pre-determined like a good reality TV show, or WWF match, there only money, and influence groups decide. As Mr. Merkel and the block parties like to say – “Their aint no alternatives, without Euro Europe will fail”. Interestingly it is the other way. Europe also became ungovernable, as the “important people” cannot agree any more how to share the dwindling spoils, and they do not mind dragging all countries in the EU mess with them.

We are watching the end game of our egoistic, selfish, exploitative civilization, the final chapters of this excessive, inflated socio-economic system which has exhausted itself. We will hopefully have much bigger surprises coming than the “very surprising Italian elections”, unless we make self-scrutiny and start changing ourselves.  Now everyone is waiting in horror at Berlusconi of thanks to the honorable guests of the “Italian Academy of Arts State”. His first words to colleagues will probably be: “See you in the mirror! I’m better than you all together upon your group photo with EU rag! ”

Politics is a circus! The greatest comedian of the political scene has just proved it, that a jester says the truth to the ruling clown. As frivolous satirist, while the oh-so-state-supporting actor-colleagues and the EU nomenclature produce with brazen public insults only frustration and boos in the state theaters.

Of course Berlusconi had a clear home advantage: the Italians, “real” politicians have long not cheat more. The credo of the wide-awake Southerners: “As long as the system is cheating me, I cheat the system. Both of them then what? ”

Berlusconi has won! No matter how the government formation will proceed. Now on “Part 2” of his late work may be speculated. The next episode is coming soon to theaters. With a box office success can be expected …

But that’s not all. The markets have cheered about three hours before the closing of the polling stations loudly the Communist victory. The business with the customer favorite for profitable national debt seemed perfectly in advance. Shortly afterwards the first forecasts were followed by the first results and the casino profit sun melted like ice cream  in Italy, and “the markets” had already burned 20 billion euros. The Dax was shot in the basement but recovered. Brussels kept the ball low.

Everything indicates that in Europe, a new era of cinema culture has arrived. After the fairy tale films from the Goldman Sachs studios in Las Vegas and the “compassion for banks” stories from the Gauck Bellevue Palace Theater, the audience is now keen on national productions. The time, not “the market” is ripe for revealing documentaries about the true laws of nature on the continent of Europe. People in Europe are back in the Age of Enlightenment!

Movie titles such as “growth” and “productivity” are passé; exposed as obligations for subjects. It’s the economy stupid. The Italians have to do it: the Roman poet Horace, they know better than the Germans: “Seize the day” of the strip is called only in the German translation. In the original Carpe Diem means since the ancient Romans “Enjoy the day”.

Paradox is to date that millions of German taxpayers bitch eleven months of the year Southern lifestyle, while they make at home for record surpluses in tax funds, insurance companies and large corporations. The mere fact that Germans are subject to EU plundering to their own wallets does not lead to protest! No wonder that the sleeping German Michel is too tired even to send his own cabaret in Berlin Reichstag, the big cinema. Until then we will enjoy the film imports from Southern Europe!

Arte film on “state secret bailout”

On “Arte +7” the revealing documentary by journalist can Harald Schumann over the next seven days online. Here is the link.   In the course of the euro crisis, many banks lost gigantic sums . So countries like Greece, Spain and Ireland forced to base their financial institutions with billions. But who owe the ailing banks the money? Where the money goes really? It flows mostly to France and Germany! Central bankers and governments want to hide that of course.

In Germany, the “dolce far niente” (“The sweet idleness”) once a privilege of the nobility and clergy, is now an exclusive right of the political and monetary sector in Brussels theocracy.