The European Commission has finally found the mother to solve all crises. EU social Commissioner László Andor wants to ban youth unemployment.   The EU  could even ban finally the financial cliff, US and EU economic downturns and prohibit any future recession.

After running Europe’s  democracy and economy to the ground, the successor organization of Till Eugenspiegel comes up with a helpless an comical gesture, it wants to wants to forbid youth unemployment. How – they don’t know. The former East German Central Committee of the SED would have been truly delighted. They must be wondering why they had actually to leave office.

Schilda was yesterday, today is the EUSSSR. Anyway, if you think the EU could become no more sillier, the geniuses in Brussels surprise us with a new idea, simply fabulous! I would have been a couple of additional suggestions: how about it they would guarantee the citizens finally better weather – nicely sorted by seasons? Free energy, natural environmentally friendly and without bothersome overland lines, would be also beautiful. Oh how well, this whole madness will soon end with a big bang, due to “Rescue” as we can – after the debris of a failed state we start the European idea new. Too bad actually, but probably inevitable. Because in the EU no one may be discriminated against, also unemployment for ancient, medieval, men and women, sick is healthy and everyone ever banned. As a prerequisite for employment the Commission could also prohibit notes and certificates for students. Besides such far-sighted reform of the labor market, the European Commission finally could do something for distressed states and politicians. She could simply forbid the interest on the capital market and incomes.