Nothing.  Mitt Romney ran hard to the centre, and the president’s pathetic overall performance in the debate mirrored his economic performance the last four years.The same pathetic motivation speeches, but this time with bad bottom line economic figures on Obama’s watch. I have to admit I liked the rhetoric four years ago, but it become stale. Mitt Romney won the debate because he actually at least gave a convincingly impression, that he understands the issues and knows how he’s going to tackle them, not just presenting some empty rhetoric like Obama. Substance won over form, for a change. President Øbama was smart enough not to touch Wall Street the last four years, instead he left his US voters on dire street and supported the neo-con agenda in Europe to get better numbers at home . In foreign affairs, we will see. There Obama has little to show, that his (correct) drone and terrorism strategy (i.e. Osama Bin Laden). That is not little, but in Europe an the Middle East he did not well and China does not take US policy serious anymore working on plan B. What happened is that Øbama was finally seen as the affirmative-action hire that he really is.

This election is a (no-) choice between two similar masks  for the future of America: One for continuation of the progressive pipe dreams of an European nanny state, and a more open-ended American way of entitlement due to personal achievements (or more likely personal wealth). Both are run by a plutocracy of wealth and corporate power; underway for 4 years by President Empty Chair or incoming President Cooperate Raider. Both  means that government would no longer serve the interests of the community but collaborate with their clients to establish a separate set of laws that entitle them to preferential treatment while creating barriers to competition by eliminating opportunities for others. Roadkill is in both cases the middle class.

Mitt seemed more centrist and plausible at the debate is because he crafted an exceptionally smart and pointed attack against the President’s record, and that stood in stark contrast to the lame deceptions of the Obama machine’s 30-second ads, sound bites and false and mischievous opposition research. Mitt came actually quite reasonable and sophisticated. For many Americans – including in my family – it was the first time they got a good impression of Mitt, and we will see if he can continue to put winds in his sails as the election approaches.