Better than I thought, not bad at all. Leaving foggy MUC with 90 Minutes delay, but made in FRA gate right on boarding time – because of standard procedure – schedule always one plane earlier. Then we hardly made it out of FRA because of “Nachtflugverbot” with a load of elderly tourists. Arriving at 2 am was more of antvantage than problem. 3:30 I was in bed. Casablanca seems unimpressive, its people quite friendly and open. Prices for taxis fluctuate wildly, and you can share the fare and meet people, speaking beside Arabic and French execellent English and German. Weather is mild, business approach at least friendly. In the hotel lobby I read the NZZ “Für einen Liberalismus ohne Adjektive” via my Kindle. Got in my hotel quite good dinner “Tangine de Daurade” that is Tagine of Sea Bream a classic Recipe from Morocco. After that Drinking with “As Time Goes By” in “Ricks Cafe” a nice tourist trap at 248, Bd Sour Jdid. Place du jardin public Rick’s is located on Boulevard Sour Jdid – “new walls” in Arabic – at the end of the Medina walls. Try find to have time to see Hassan II Mosque designed by French architect Michel Pinseau the second biggest mosques in the world and the Place Mohamed V. Notre Dame de Lourdes Cathedral is amongst the oldest Roman churches in the city not used as a place for worship of god anymore.