Glennwood drew up the right conclusions. The NSA-gate shows the real face of Europe’s “leaders” – tools & fools indifferent against citizens & democracy. NSA corrupted “not only” the basic relationship between free citizens and state but also gobally to any company and institution. It is not a leveled field for those without access to NSA information, be it on stock market,elections or international negotiations. We all have proof now, what has been said, that we are in postdemocratic times – in the Third Monetary War. We are all terrorists in our leader’s eyes. At least potentially as our metadata may reveal. Essentially what General Keith Alexander said is Orwell’s newspeak. NSA is freedom.

“Handyueberwachung” is (again) the talk of Europe – and there are (rumors?) that the American President personally orered or accepted the spy-attack on “Mutti” -(Mama) – and part of the German press are blayming the naivity and stupidity of Angela to use a “Handy” which is not 100 % save.

And that shows – how more and more “ambivilant” the whole affaire is viewed – and how uncomfortable all these players got – having to show all their secret handshakes in the open.

And that’s a pretty “good” and “bizzare” thing – but I feel sorry for my American friends – because whatever the “political” or “moral ramification” – it is unbelievable to what extension and dimension the relationship between America and Europe is damaged.

And sorry to say that – but on the long run – the dudes who spilled the beans are even gonna be blamed by NSA victims – and indeed – what Glenn Greenwald hinted might be true – That Angela right now is sitting at home -(or at the Bundeskanzleramt – and while she might scold the O-we-scan, she might say: “Konnten diese Idioten -(Snowden and Greenwald) nicht das Maul halten? She is part of the game too, a pawn maybe more.