In a talent show or scramble to be exploited for a start-up: the prospects that Europe offers its young people, are staggering. When we finally do not care about future generations, we will soon accumulate their hatred and be brutal pushed aside. Get rid of the mud layer of the EU, G&S and the Euro.

59 percent of unemployed young people in Greece, 55 percent in Spain, 38 percent in Italy and Portugal. Germans kids, do well? Laughable. The statistics of youth unemployment in the EU countries in 2013 is the affliction of our time in numbers. The youth, our hope , off, off, forgotten and not required or working for minimum wage.

While moronic state TV shows still talk about whether the Internet is harmful to young people, how good the Euro is for Europe, millions of them sitting at the computer with no clear goal. And wait, their  turn finally will come, Thwarted in the period of life in which one of their parents’ generation started life. Teaching career, first money, first apartment and dreaming that one could live his life, achieve something, make something great oft heir skills.

AfD: “Alternative für Deutschland”. A pro Europe pro Democracy and anti EU and EURO Movement driven by financial Experts.