The recently established new Euro-sceptic Party Alternative for Germany (AfD) want an controlled an exit out of the Euro, an EU referendum and generally regain freedom of expression and democracy.  Surveys for the election to the German Parliament (Bundestag) predict for the AfD between two and five percent. According to own statements the party gained until last Friday 10,476 of members.  2,795 t – about one-quarter – came from members previously active in other parties:

  • 1008 came from the Christian Democratic Union,
  • 220 came from of the Christian Social Union – both together 2011 around 450k,
  • 587 out of the FDP – 2011 around 59 k,
  • 558 out of that of the SPD – 2011 around 470k ,
  • 106 of the Green Party – currently 60k 
  • and 142 out of the Pirate Party currently 30k. 

According to a YouGov survey the AfD sympathies are clearly stronger under followers of the liberal FDP and the left PDS with shares of 33 and 35 percent,  while 18 percent of the  CDU/ CSU and SPD voters of 2009 can imagine, to vote 2013 for the AfD.  The Green Party must fear only 16 percent loss of their voters.  However, the AfD has also a big potential to attract 2009 disgruntled and disappointed non-voters.

Source Telepolis.