On Monday, March 25th 2013  came the “other parties” on nine percent – at the beginning of the year they still only reached around three percent. That means, the new kid on the German block the Anti-Euro party AfD, which has not yet founded yet.,  seems to have already a potential  over six percent and would move in the German Parliament. Strongest party stays the CDU with 35.5 percent (but biggest drain towards Afd). Together with the FDP (8.4 percent) the current coalition would reach 43,9 percent. The SPD (25 percent) together with the Greens reach 38,7 percent and pull scarcely even only with the communists (Linkspartei  5,8 percent).

According to an Emnid survey 26 percent of the Germans answer that they are prepared  to choose an eurosceptical party.

Note: it is stilly early in the race, and the Handelsblatt is a well know newspaper, but mostly read by well educated Germans and business people. The FDP 8.4 percent in particular seem not very representative.

Source: Handelsblatt-Prognosebörse